The engine room of Project Focus HQ

Simplifying and innovating every part of running, supporting and documenting projects

Project Focus HQ is a project management team that is innovating the severely out-dated, disconnected and complex project management industry through simplifying tools, documentation, methodologies and even advisory support.

The primary mission of Project Focus HQ is to disrupt the project management industry, which (up until now) has never had tools, methodology or advisors adapt, mould or respond to what businesses actually need, instead, forcing them to surrender to what the experts want.
Every part of Project Focus HQ has been built from the ground up, testing each module against real life projects and situations. The system and methodology have delivered portfolios of projects value at over $3 billion USD all the way down to minor internal projects of $50,000.

Gone are the days of managing science, complexity and expensive resources. Let's welcome in the days of simplicity, practicality and pragmatism for project management, so every business can spend more time on successful delivery of projects, not management of them.

Meet the Team

Stephen Casey
Portfolio Architect

Mainly providing top level portfolio and program advisory, Stephen was also the architect behind all of Project Focus HQ’s tool design, documented methodologies and advisory.

Sheila Esmas
Project Manager

Bringing the entire VMO team and technical team together, Sheila also provides medium tiered advisor and support services to clients day to day.

Mark Cooper
Project Developer

Working directly with clients to analyse how to improve their project capabilities and PM team knowledge, Mark also delivers project advisory.

Eugene Bautista
Project Support

Works with clients to ensure every part of their projects are being integrated and driven by proper governance, in line with right methodology and proper use of the tool, Eugene excels at managing IT and transformation projects

Grant Merriel
Project Technician

Ensuring the tool is always working and improving, Grant also works directly with clients to better understand their businesses desired outcomes and how they are achieved.

Why choose Project Focus HQ


Over engineered project tools, unnecessarily long methodologies and jargon filled advisory is far from what is needed – unnecessary complexity. Every part of Project Focus HQ was built from the ground up with one concept in mind; simple, easy to use and completely intuitive.


Successful project management is based on delivering the project 80% of the time and maintaining, theory and tracking the data 20% of the time. Project Focus HQ focuses more on the doing aspect and less on theory so that businesses can turn projects around quicker for better outcomes.


By integrating a project management tool with a best practice methodology and advisory board ensures that every piece that a PM would need is all centralized. Dealing with projects in this sensible and real world approach allows Project Focus HQ’s clients the best chance for project success.

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