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Which improves your project teams capabilities, success and knowledge



Knowledge that has been developed and certified by Business Practitioners and NOT just Professional Project Managers


Simple, repeatable formats and templates with enough localisation to make them specific to your own projects and company


The methodology has delivered internal projects as low as $50,000 and external projects over a couple of billion dollars


Knowledge and Methodology can be used for one-off projects as well as service ongoing and operational projects and programs


The Knowledge Base is guaranteed to be best practice in delivering projects with a practical and pragmatic approach


Personalised user and company logins to get access to all documentation that is in one location, with easy filtering and search functionality

PM Methodology that delivers projects, not inhibit their success

The key to running successful projects is about having the right balance between delivery and methodologies. However, this should not be an expensive and laborious task to set up or enable.

Most of our customers consistently faced the same challenging questions:

  • Every time we make a mistake with our Projects we end up with too much bureaucracy and process without knowing when it is enough
  • All we want to know is if the information we are reviewing is actually ‘Best Practice’ and developed by real business scenarios and not science?
  • Is it worth paying high priced consultants to develop such similarly formatted standards for each of our individual projects
  • As our project staff turnover our methodology has to start all over again, how can we accelerate that process with the right amount of knowledge and methodology?

Get access to a project delivery methodology that adapts to your needs

Finally, be able to utilize a knowledge base full of standards, templates and processes, which will allow fast mobilisation of projects, consistent project methods and governance uniformity

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Less administration of potential project challenges allows projects to be run daily, managed properly and to change course based on issues that appear


By using a pre-existing and scalable methodology, it will reduce the cost of building, maintaining and supporting your own and ensure it is followed


Not having a methodology is never an option, as all project members must deliver a project to the same methodology, standards and processes


No complex or confusing methodology means that your PM members will no longer completely ignore them during project operation


Spend more of your project management time focusing on managing a project’s outcomes, schedule and deliverables, instead of the project bureaucracy


No need to search in multiple places for different components of the standard methodology and approach, as it is all in one place


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  • 1. Why do I need new project management consultants every time I have a new project?

    Not every project requires newly documented governances, processes, standards or methods because many projects are too small or not complex enough to warrant a change from the previous documentation. For the larger, more complex projects, a new project management consultant should only be required to gain from their relevant experience, not to document every potential issue, risk or solution the project might encounter.

    This is why the Project Focus HQ Knowledge is so important because it bridges the gap between no document and overly complex documentation. The already documented processes, structures and methodology are in one centralised location, which does not require any project management consultants to create, update or improve and can be adapted to any project scenario.

  • 2. How can we share and get access to best practices, good examples and lessons learned without creating our own?

    The more exposure your PM’s get to advanced project management best practices, examples and lessons learned will increase their knowledge exponentially.

    Within the Project Focus HQ Knowledge platform, there is a way for all project members to search, read, favourite and share the already tried and tested project management examples, best practices and lessons learnt that are available for every client.

  • 3. With so many Methodologies out there, how do we know which one to use?

    Firstly, there is a miss conception that PMBOK is a methodology, it is only a framework. A methodology in delivering projects needs to outline solid standards, governance, templates, documentation, and processes that the project management team will follow, utilize and grow their capabilities through.

    When choosing which methodology to choose, it is always wise to select one which will scale across your business and be adaptable not only to the more complex and large projects but also applicable to small, business as usual projects - just like the Project Focus HQ Knowledge Base.

  • 4. How can I best equip non-project professionals to be capable of leading a project?

    Up-skilling technicians or SME's to having project capabilities is a common requirement in every business, and it is important to do so without having to educate them with expensive project management consultants. This is where a centralised methodology, such as Project Focus HQ Knowledge, is crucial because the new project lead must be guided through the process without being overwhelmed reading a lot of documents or confusion workflows.

    Project Focus HQ Knowledge is embedded through the Project Focus HQ Tool to step each PM through what items they are updating, why they are updating them and how to update it. There is also the functionality to search, filter and favourite different documents throughout the Knowledge Base which will help find and highlight specific information. This educational format enables the user to guide themselves through the PM process at their own pace.

  • 5. Are our project processes, methods and templates “Best Practice” without being commercially irresponsible?

    This is one of the hardest questions when developing and maintaining your own internal knowledge base because there will always be uncertainty about whether the new and updated documentation is actually more efficient, effective or relevant.

    It is for this reason that the Project Focus HQ Knowledge was formed, as it is the ideal solution in these scenarios. Every part of our processes, standards and templates has been scrutinised by global project experts, educational best practice and its ability to successfully deliver real-time projects.


What we believe

Mantra behind Project Focus HQ Knowledge

Only one Project Methodology required to model off for any project - no matter the size, industry or complexity

Delivering projects is an art form, no doubt about it but artists with quality tools and just the right amount of technique in their stroke become the greatest. Same with project management. Having the best tool is not the only requirement; you also need the perfect standards, templates, processes and methodology to run them like clockwork.

Project Focus HQ Knowledge supports this art form by focusing on only the most integral areas:

Having access to a knowledge centre, templates and processes that can readily scale with your businesses growth

Cutting out data tracking, information and documentation that is redundant, never referenced or rarely needed

Understanding that project managers do not just need a methodology framework but branded standards, templates and processes to support it

Consistency of methodology, process and data across many different projects is key within a company, as it assists with ease of reporting, understanding and analysis

An adaptive project delivery methodology that is architected to be applicable to any industry or project

Proven methods and approaches for projects of any size, scale and complexity

Disrupting project management:

Complex methodologies are failing methodologies

Creating more and more governance, processes, lessons learned, best practice, examples and standards create too much bureaucracy and not enough project delivery. To get the most out of your methodology and knowledge base, it needs to be practical, easy to search and simple to follow, which is exactly what Project Focus HQ Knowledge is all about delivering.

Project Focus HQ Knowledge disrupts typical project delivery by:

Focusing on having less science and hypothesis behind developing and maintaining a high standard methodology

Ensuring businesses are not required to pay expensive specialised project consultants to help develop and implement a methodology

Helping projects ascertain what the ideal level of detail and process is ('good enough') in a Project Methodology supporting project delivery

Focusing on making projects require less amounts of governance and yet ensuring quality delivery outcomes

Getting on and delivering a project rather than combining the PMI, PMBOK, AGILE and the other 47 Methodologies into a unique business methodology

Only making projects use just enough methodology and processes to keep a project on track and to budget, nothing else

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