Advisory and support to upskill individuals into any project delivery role

Understand the behavioural, technical and project knowledge gaps to build an enabling project team



Get access to trusted project experts and their timely suggestions, ideas and improvements that are catered to your current project or portfolio


Your team gets fast, consistent and relevant advice for their projects without needing to educate or update the specialists about project


Be able to engage with an organisation who can provide you individual, team and business coaching, when required and only pay for what is needed


Give your team access to expert help that is quick and efficient, without needing to onboard a new consultant or wait for the procurement process


Reference qualitative, measurable and detailed reports of your whole project teams capability to recognise individual strengths and weaknesses


Track improvements in your project delivery and in the capabilities of your project management practitioners year on year


Fast, simple and easy to use interface to get in contact with your trusted project management advisors and confidants instantly


Gain an immediate avenue to overcome project management road blocks and obstacles without having causing a lengthy procrastination process


No need to evaluate what courses, education or seminars the project team need, as it is based on individual capability evaluation

PM Advisors focused on outcomes, not billable hours

It is no wonder why enterprises do not trust project management consulting firms when all the firms care about is how to insert more full-time staff or increase their billable hours. Instead, consultants should focus on the enterprises outcomes and needs, such as growth of PM skill sets, successful project delivery, knowledge growth and the like.

Every client we service always have the same concerns:

  • We are currently spending too much on consultants who do not support our staff or grow their capabilities.
  • Our external PM's are only accessible at set hours on set days, so there is nobody there when the going gets tough outside of these set hours
  • PM consultants never understand the relationship between our project deliverables and our business objectives
  • There has never been any demonstrated capability increase of our project team over time or a target being aimed for

Receive access to the globe's best portfolio and project delivery experts

No longer do you need to just fill advisory hours but instead work towards an outcome of increasing weak knowledge areas in each project delivery team member.

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Ability for you to access an expert to review your projects strategy, plan and documents before going for approval – all without the need to hire another consultant


Almost instant access to expert advisors that you can trust with any of your projects, portfolios and career movements, no matter the time, complexity or request.


Understanding the ‘gaps’ in each project members skillsets to set and form a plan to ensure their level of project, technical and behaviour skills will always improve


Get help to evaluate and select which PM in your team will be best suited to deliver a particular project to improve the chance for successful delivery


Gain professional insights into projects, to see their potential pitfalls, re-clarify assumptions or understand the type of PM needed for better delivery


No matter if your PM’s are at the highest or lowest level, you only pay for the advice that is used or assigned and can scale up or down as needed


  • PF Performance
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  • 1. My project team is spread around the world; how can I get a sense of each individual's capability?

    This is a tough situation for every portfolio, program or project manager to master, as nothing replaces the value of face-to-face evaluations.

    However, Project Focus HQ has built an evaluation platform and approach that has been proven time and time again to extract the most valuable information from you PM team's capabilities. The core assessment areas geared towards reviewing the teams technical, behavioural and project skills, with the ability to compare each members abilities across the whole company.

    The review approach will enable you to request these individual reviews from previous project members who worked alongside each individual. This also gives you the face-to-face transparency of each individual's capability, no matter the location.

  • 2. How do I develop my people when we are all too busy delivering projects to find the time?

    Project management can be one of the most demanding positions day-to-day; which is why education, development and growth always come second best for project managers.

    Through our Project Focus HQ Performance platform, your team members are evaluated and scored, which will suggest which educated areas must be a priority. Based on these, you business can focus on improving key competencies that are indicated as lacking:

    1. Behavioural capabilities

    2. Industry and technical understanding

    3. Project delivery knowledge and ability

  • 3. Who is capable of managing my Projects, if an important project member is absent during a critical stage?

    This is a common risk that a project manager might experience from time to time and is not easy to handle when it does happen.

    Unlike most advisory or coaching teams, Project Focus HQ Performance can be scaled up to support projects where and when they are needed. As our team will have access to most parts of your projects, we will easily understand the business benefits, scope, schedule, budget and project data to assist with guidance and support.

    Although Project Focus HQ Performance is not a PM resourcing organization, we can adapt to your needs immediately, without leaving you out to dry.

  • 4. How do I get expert advice from time to time without paying for a full time resource?

    There is a false mantra that there are only being two options to gain access to project management experts:

    1. To have scheduled reviews by expensive resources every month

    2. To have a full-time external (or internal) consultant for key projects

    Project Focus HQ Performance does not believe in this structure because we feel that advisors must adjust to what is needed to deliver a project successfully. This is why we offer a 'pay for what you need' approach on all of our project and portfolio management coaches so that when you request them, they are instantly available, without a large monthly retainer cost or flat monthly fee.

  • 5. How do I make sure all of my PM's get advice and support that is consistent with the company's project management approach?

    Let's add another complexity to the question and ask how to do that when the advisor cannot see them face-to-face, how would you ensure consistent advice and support? The reason we added another layer is because Project Focus HQ Performance can still handle it.

    Most of our clients deliver projects with our methodology, standards, processes and templates (Project Focus HQ Knowledge) as well as use our tool (Project Focus HQ). This makes transparency extremely easy for our advisory team to see all project data, analyse current issues and match them all to the standards the projects are being delivered to. All of this transparency allows complete conformity and consistency of the advice coming from the Project Focus HQ Performance team to the businesses project delivery requirements.


Mantra behind Project Focus HQ Performance

Not all Project Management advisory is created equal

Project Management Advisory can be similar to schools. There are good teachers who spend as much time and effort needed to grow their students, but then there are some teachers who only want the pay cheque. Neither is wrong but when you are the paying customer, having an advisor who focuses on improvement, knowledge and understanding far exceeds the other.

Project Focus HQ guarantees this level of delivery to you with our key fundamentals:

  • You have the ability to easily scale your service or advisory up or down depending on your current or future needs, unlike with FTE's
  • No matter the skill set, experience or background, every one of your PM’s can get access to our support, advisors and knowledge
  • If there are key weaknesses you are aware of in a PM, the performance review team can create a plan to up skiil them while using your live projects as a point of reference
  • No matter the height of your PM’s capability, they will always have situations that need help, guidance or points to clarify which require experience greater than is available in your business currently
  • Never again will you need to scout for internal or external trainings or seminars for your PM’s, as we can drive that education responsibility for you
  • You will get insights, knowledge and reports on projects being ran within the company, without the need for you to request or prompt for them

Disrupting project management:

If projects must be adaptive, why are expert PM consultants ridged?

Projects progressively grow, change and adapt depending on the businesses needs – however, the external consultants used to help grow skills, guide the PM team and be the support either want to be full-time resources or have set consulting hours, no matter if there are problems or not. This has to change where advisors adapt to a business, just like projects do.

Project Focus HQ Performance adapts to your business, your needs, your time and most importantly, to you.

  • How would your business improve, if we could tell you what you need and what is going to happen even before you or your project staff knew it?
  • What if you received reports, analysis and data before you recognised that you needed it?
  • Imagine your PM's growth if there was no need to evaluate a professional quality because each of your PM staff is already being trained individually and the lessons are catered directly to them
  • What other advisors can provide you honest support and that you trust not only to your career stability but also with your career growth?
  • How high would your confidence in the PM team grow, knowing that they are being closely guided by a team of expert advisors, who are constantly assessing upcoming challenges and solutions for their projects?

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