The Simple, Practical and Pragmatic Solution to Delivering All Projects

No over complication to delivering projects means no reason for projects to blow out, crash or be unsuccessful



Amalgamate individual project status and progress into a rolled up, high level portfolio overview


One central location for all up to date project information, methodology, templates as well as expert PM advice and support


Evaluate your project team's strengths, weaknesses and experience for better resource utilisation


Run and monitor all project related data for reporting, budget, schedule, issues, risks, quality management and more


Ability to easily use, edit and run live projects while on a mobile, tablet or desktop device


Switch on notifications and updates that you need to receive and switch off the remaining noise


Track projects through the right governance cycle of opportunities, approvals, full kitting and go live


Automated weekly and monthly reporting to populate selected project modules directly from the project's source data


Clear user interface, charts, tables and navigation that the whole PM team and executive stakeholders can understand

PM Software must be suited to businesses, not project managers

Too often businesses either use off the shelf project management software that cannot be altered to their needs or is overly complex and difficult to manage. Which results in procured software that is not usable on 90% of the projects being run daily in the business.

Challenges our clients consistently come across with other enterprise PM tools are:

  • Simple projects are taking PM staff too long to mobilise, manage, maintain and deliver
  • Enterprise PM tools are not easy to scale up or down depending on the size and complexity of a project
  • Too costly and technical to get scheduled reports to represent data that is needed to make business decisions
  • Analysing to find the source of risks and issues can be difficult with tools that do not have a top level of the project

What we enable you to deliver


All portfolios, programs and projects are delivered successfully with the same methodology, reporting, behaviours, governance and formulas


Highly productive speed of migrating, implementing, mobilising and delivering projects no matter their size or complexity


Run high performing, effective and successful projects with a lot less science and no over-calculated complexities


Benchmark and manage the performance of all project members to help drive better efficiency, increased capability and higher effectiveness


Ability to plan, evaluate and begin a portfolio of projects without the need of external tools, expensive consultants or even Microsoft Excel


Customisable governance and workflow approvals for specific project operations such as change requests, budgets, schedule and more

Finally, achieve the expected business value from all Projects

With an enabling portfolio, program and project management tool, managing the business'
expected outcome can now be better evaluated, managed and delivered


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  • 1. How does the PFHQ 'simple and pragmatic’ approach fit into PMP?

    The way new PM’s learn to use different software is currently way too complicated, as every software attempts to cater to PMP, PMBOK, PMI and every project management method available.

    Project Focus HQ was built on one methodology, meaning it is not a jack of all trades, master of none – it delivers projects at a high level for better decision making and easier tracking. Every part of the tool is linked directly to the knowledge base, which helps guide the PM member through our best practice methodology, standards and structure of delivering their project.

  • 2. What if the tool is not powerful enough after we have migrated to it?

    Too many PM tools available are too difficult, timely and costly for businesses to implement of companies have moved to Project Focus HQ because their data is always available to migrate to or from. Every piece of data that is brought into Project Focus HQ can easily be exported (or imported) in CSV format to ensure your business can use the software that enables to deliver the project the most effective way to them.

  • 3. Do we need to use Excel to generate visual reports from the PFHQ?

    The PF HQ tool does not have the need for any manual data accumulation to generate reports. A report can be automatically generated and sent to any PM member or external stakeholder instantly. This removes the need to use software such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel to create reports important reports. Every module also has its data downloaded to CSV, in case the need arises to alter the data for particular metrics or reporting.

  • 4. How does Project Focus HQ ensure I get true project data?

    As many tools require too much information just to manage, track and monitor data, most projects do not get any information entered in them properly due to the complexity and over-engineering.

    Project Focus HQ’s pragmatic approach ensures only the most necessary information is required in the tool to ensure one single version of data, which drives better business and project decisions. This simplicity removes all barriers for project members to adopt the software and also guides the PM's to use the tool consistently.

  • 5. Is it possible to control the quality of data within the tool?

    This is a large issue across most projects and project software, where there are too many people who have the access and ability to change critical data or save information outside of a tool.

    Project Focus HQ enforces that the data is always entered and protected, based on user access levels. This ensures that data cannot be tarnished, manipulated or lost by any project members.


What we believe

Projects from $50,000 to $3 Billion can all be delivered the same way

There is a reason houses are built on the same concrete mix that is rarely changed, because it works an is the best to set a solid foundation. Similarly, in project management, once there is a perfect mix of methodology, tracking and delivery, any project can be scaled up or down and still be run successfully – no matter the size or complexity.

Project Focus HQ ensures this concrete setting by focusing on a couple of core fundamentals:

No business should waste thousands (or millions) on specialised Project Management consultants who guarantee project success but yet, still have 35% of projects fail on them

‘Throughput’ of projects is the only way businesses drive value and results, not over engineering of Project Methodologies and tools. Every project manager has the ability to deliver low cost, low risk and high quality projects if they have the correct tools, understanding and support

Every project member must always be confident that the project data is accurate to what is happening on the ground

Project Management tools must never be standalone and should contribute in growing a PM’s capabilities and knowledge

Empowering project decisions via appropriate communication mediums that support the PM's working format (such as email, desktop notifications, etc).

What we aim to achieve

Disrupting and improving the way projects were always run

For too long project managers were required to spend more time on reporting and inputting data than actually running a project. It has been proven time and time again, where projects that get immobilized quicker and run from the same methodologies get completed on-time, within budget and deliver successful outcomes.

Projects that are being run through Project Focus HQ are receiving more benefits than just successful projects:

Guaranteeing every project in the organisation will be delivered with the same discipline, governance and outcome quality each and every time

They now utilise project data to analyse when a project is potentially derailing and ascertain what part of the Project Focus HQ methodology will bring it back

Enabling all of their project stakeholders to have the ability to understand, use and make decisions from within Project Focus HQ; something they only dreamed of being able to do before

Eliminating wasted time, money and effort building customised project systems and reports, to focus just on the basics of delivering a quality project

Utilising editable reports, information and data to eradicate version control issues, make better decisions and deliver projects on time

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